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Family Owned and Operated

What Does Family Owned and Operated Mean?

The words "family owned and operated" has great meaning in today's world
of corporate buy outs. Today a large number of local family owned funeral
homes have been bought out by large corporate concerns. These corporations
have no connection to the community and are run by some far away corporate office.
The staff and employees of these funeral homes have a responsibility to the corporate
office and to the share holders, which are more concerned with profitability than the community
they work in. The Vander Plaat Memorial Home, Paramus is owned and operated by the Vander Plaat Family. For four generations we have been here to serve the community and we will be here tomorrow with the same compassion and caring that our firm was founded.

What Does it Mean to Me and My Family?

Family owned and operated means to your family that you can expect to be treated as family. The Vander Plaat family stands ready to serve you at a very difficult time. No matter the time of day or the day of the week our family and staff are ready to serve. Family owned and operated is reflected in the way we conduct our business. From our modern, well maintained, home like facilities to our informed professional staff, we want you to feel like you are one of the family. As a family owned and operated funeral home we distinguish ourselves from the corporate owned funeral home in every aspect of our business. We select only products of the highest quality and most affordable price. From the caskets we offer, to flowers and prayer cards, you can be assured that they are all of the finest quality. Our professional staff of licensed funeral directors are extensively trained to be able to respond to your needs. They are available to answer any questions or concerns that you may have.


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