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A funeral represents a purposeful opportunity to reflect and celebrate a life lived. There is no single proper funeral service. It is a time for family and friends to share memories in the deepest sense. The choices you make will determine the significance to you and your family.

It is the goal of Vander Plaat Memorial Home to provide you and your family the funeral service that is most meaningful to you. Our Funeral Directors can help you create a service that will remember and celebrate the memory of your loved one. We have provided here just a few of the service options that are available to you. Your funeral service should be customized to reflect your wishes and the wishes of the family. Remember that any of the options list below can be customized to fit your needs.

Complete Funeral Service

A complete or traditional funeral service is one that will include a private family or public gathering with the casket either open or closed. Following the gathering will be a service, typically at a place of Worship or at the funeral home. After the service the interment or entombment of the casketed remains of your love one will take place in a cemetery or mausoleum.

Graveside Service

A graveside funeral service is one that either privately or publicly we will gather with you at the cemetery or mausoleum for a time to remember. A brief service may or may not be offered to celebrate the life of your loved one.

Memorial Service

A memorial service is a time for family and public to gather for a service only at the funeral home or place of worship without the remains of your loved one present. This would typically follow a private gathering of the family for a graveside service.

Green Burial

Green burial is a way of caring for your loved one with minimal environmental impact that furthers legitimate ecological aims such as the conservation of natural resources, reduction of carbon emissions and the restoration and/or preservation of habitat. A green burial favors the use of a shroud or casket made of sea grass or plentiful soft woods like pine. A green burial will not preclude your family from holding a complete funeral service or any of the other service options offered by our funeral home.

Natural Burial Cemeteries may/or may not accommodate three shades of green:

  • Dark Green - are those who prefer to be buried in a burial shroud.
  • Medium Green - are those who prefer a natural biodegradable casket and want some type of memorialization.
  • Light Green - are those who prefer a natural biodegradable casket, some type of memorialization and embalming using natural embalming fluids.

Natural ("green") Burial Grounds

Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve, Newfield, NY
Steelmantown Cemetery, Steelmantown, NJ
Maryrest Cemetery, Mahwah, NJ

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