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Never miss a funeral service or visiting hours arranged by Vander Plaat Memorial Home, Paramus for someone from the community again. We have added a free email notification service to the obituary area of our web site. Here is how it works. When you join, you will select a profile of the obituaries you would like to be notified of. After a new obituary is posted that fits the profile you have selected, you will receive an email that will make you aware of the new posting and a link to that obituary. This is a free service provided by the Vander Plaat Memorial, Paramus.

Please enter your email address below and click next. This will take you to the page where you will select the profile of the obituaries you would like to receive. At any time you can return to this page to change your profile information. Enter your email address into the box below and you will go to the screens you have already filled out, check additional boxes or un-check boxes click next and do the same on the Organizations page and click Submit.

After making your selections please click the save button. You will receive an email confirming your registration and activate your service. Please use the link to confirm your registration to our free email notification service.

I understand the by clicking the save button I agree to receive email notification from of obituaries as set out in my criteria. I further hold harmless for email not received by me or email received in error. Vander Plaat Memorial Home and/or will not sell, lend or allow anyone else to use my email address for any reason.

The Vander Plaat family hopes that you will find the email obituary notification service of value.

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